What is Emetophobia?
Uncategorized / October 31, 2018

Emetophobia is an extremely common phobia, yet it is not normally talked about.¬† Emetophobia is the fear of vomiting. Emetophobia is a very real phobia, and it causes intense symptoms of anxiety and distress around events pertaining to anxiety. This could include: The fear of vomiting The fear of others vomiting The fear of vomiting specifically in public The fear of seeing vomit All of these are aspects of emetophobia. Emetophobia can become so debilitating that a person cannot even talk about vomiting without starting to panic. Emetophobia is extremely¬†common. While it is hard to say just how common emetophobia actually is, a quick Google search will bring up a plethora of results on the topic. It is common enough that Buzzfeed has written an article on it, people have created entire counseling courses for the treatment of emetophobia, and there are forums everywhere on how to cope. The one key part of struggling with emetophobia is that it is different than having another type of phobia. Yet to people on the outside this is not immediately clear. What is the difference? When people have a phobia such as acrophobia (the fear of heights), it really should not affect their…

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