Alternate Anxiety Relief Methods
Uncategorized / November 30, 2018

Over my experience with anxiety, I have come across many different alternate ways to combat anxiety. I do not like anxiety medication, nor do I believe in utilizing it most of the time (more on that in a later post!). Therefore, I have gotten a lot of advice from various people and mental health professionals on how to handle anxiety on the daily. Now, before I dig into all of the tools I use, I want to provide one disclaimer. While I do use some of these methods in my day to day life, these are not supposed to replace regular sessions with a mental health professional. I am seeing a therapist weekly in order to make long term progress. I hope that one day I will not need to use any alternate methods, and that I will be able to thrive on my own. However, that is a long road, and for while I am improving myself in the big picture, it is necessary for me to have techniques in place to function. Methods That Did Not Work: *Note: this does not mean that these methods will not work for other people-these are just the ones that did not…

I Never Wanted A Baby….Until I Did
Uncategorized / November 28, 2018

One thing that has always been true about me for everyone that knows me: I do not want children. When I was in early middle school, I had one motto: “I will adopt, why put more children in the world when there are so many without families?” In this period of my life our family were fostering several different children, and I absolutely fell in love with the thought of giving a child a home, when they had never experienced it before. (Disclaimer: this has not changed. I am still obsessed with adoption). I never understood the phenomenon “baby fever”. However, once I moved out of the innocence of being 10-13 years old, my stance changed. I did NOT want children. Pregnancy was gross. You have to have sex. Ew. *Disclaimer, raised (and still am) a Christian, did not have my first official kiss (besides one that lasted .5 seconds) until I was almost 16, and it was with my husband. Sexual thoughts were not on the radar until much, much later. I am weird. It is fine. Something has to grow INSIDE you. As it is growing inside you, it also moves and makes you fat and sick. Sounds…

What is Agoraphobia?
Uncategorized / November 1, 2018

After the introduction on what Emetophobia is, it is only appropriate that I also introduce the issue that impacts my life the most. I began suffering from Agoraphobia in earnest in February of this past year. I battle against it daily. The word agoraphobia comes from the ancient Greek word “agora“, which means “place of assembly” or “marketplace”. Fun Facts on Agoraphobia: Median onset age of Agoraphobia is 20 (my life is too ironic, I developed it a month before my 20th birthday). 0.8 percent of adults have agoraphobia without a history of panic disorder (I am not one of those people). Agoraphobia used to be placed under the umbrella of panic disorder, diagnosed as “Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia”, this has since been changed. Agoraphobia is a unique diagnosis. Early intervention is crucial with agoraphobia. CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and medication are the most common treatments for agoraphobia. The Weird Side of Agoraphobia: Agoraphobia has many different ways that it presents itself. Fears that are common in agoraphobia are crossing bridges, elevators, a fear of crowds, a fear of open spaces, and a fear of being alone. Most people associate agoraphobia as a fear of open spaces. Therefore, a lot of time when people…

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