How Not To Die Alone
Book Recommendations / May 15, 2019

How Not To Die Alone by Richard Roper was my book of the month. I would place the book in the humorous fiction category, with a bit of dark humor mixed in. If you have enjoyed Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, you will love How Not To Die Alone. Richard Roper is able to touch on the subjects of death, grief, loneliness, and bittersweet friendship while still maintaining a light mood that kept me laughing all the way through. “Andrew could think of many things he’d rather be doing that evening-most of them involving his testicles, some jam, and some aggrieved hornets…” – Roper, Page 115 Andrew works for the city council. He has the lovely job of going to people’s houses who have died in their district without anyone being aware that they were even gone. After the body is taken away, it’s Andrew’s job to hunt through what is left of their life to find next of kin and the money required to cover the funeral costs. If he finds no family, Andrew attends every funeral as an act of service for those who have passed alone, unnoticed. A fairly distressing job, but thankfully, he gets to return…

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