A Change
Anxiety , Mental Health / June 11, 2019

I was 14 when I decided I wanted hair like Rapunzel. But there was something Disney didn’t tell me. Rapunzel’s hair was so long and sleek Because she didn’t have anxiety attacks That made her pull it out in clumps. Because depression didn’t leave her unable to get out of bed Brushing her hair wasn’t too hard a task. Rapunzel’s waist was so perfect, so tiny. But what Disney didn’t say Was that if you were that small, There was probably something wrong. Your hair and nails would go brittle from malnourishment… And break off. I know now I can’t be Rapunzel. And Disney is all lies. But I can be fine. I am strong. I am beautiful. But most importantly I’m alive. The past year and a half of my life have been insane. From star student set to graduate early to crippled with anxiety, I’ve put my soul and body through the ringer. But there are improvements. And losing 11 inches of hair was only the start. My hair looking it’s absolute best from far away before: My new look:

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