Where Have I Been?
Anxiety , Mental Health / August 24, 2019

The past month or more I have been horrifically absent from my blog, bad taste I know. This post is just a little (okay big) life update on why I have been missing and talking about some exciting things to come!! Anxiety The first thing I would say is that my anxiety has gotten so much better. At the beginning of June I finally found a practicing plan that works for me. From June until now, my area of comfortability in driving has gone up from 4 minutes to 8 or 9, which may seem small but is the fastest and most miraculous progress I have made in the past two years. Every morning I get up at 7 am, eat a quick breakfast, and then hit the road to practice driving. I have been really consistent and have been seeing great progress by sticking to my plan, and I am really thrilled for it. This also means that my husband and I do much more together at night, so I have had a bit less time to write. Health Another big update is that I have officially gained ten pounds! If you haven’t seen my post about my body,…

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