10 Best Young Adult Novels
Book Recommendations / March 10, 2019

Today I came back across one of my favorite young adult novels after several years. It inspired me to compile a list of the 10 best YA novels (in my opinion). As always, genre, length, author, and a quick synopsis are included! The Book Thief Author: Markus Zusak Length: 608 Pages Genre: Historical Fiction Synopsis: It’s 1939 in Nazi Germany, Liesel Meminger brings joy to her life by stealing books she cannot purchase. She soon brings joy to those around her, including her neighbors during the bombing of Munich and the Jew that’s hidden in her basement, but at what cost? Eragon *This applies to the entire Eragon series, which consists of four books. Author: Christopher Paolini Length: 528 Pages Genre: Fiction/Fantasy Synopsis: Perfect for people who love Lord of the Rings, Eragon takes the reader to a magical world where 15 year old Eragon believes he is nothing but a farm boy, until he discovers a dragons egg. Swept into a world with powers and a dragon that he does not fully understand, the entire weight of the empire may rest on his shoulders. The Giver Author: Lois Lowry Length: 240 Pages Genre: Sci-Fi Synopsis: 12 year old Jonas…

Books That Are Hard to Put Down
Book Recommendations / March 4, 2019

For my first post on my book page, I decided to make a list of books that I found hard to put down. These books span in length and topic, and are hard to put down for different reasons. I will provide the author, the genre, the page length, and why I couldn’t put it down! If you want to learn more about a book, just click on the photograph! The Outsider Author: Stephen King Length: 576 Pages Genre: Horror Why I couldn’t put it down: King grips you with the story of a small-town baseball coach who is the main suspect in the brutal murder of a young boy. Is Terry the murderer? Or is there a much greater, more sinister presence lurking in their small town? A Simple Favor Author: Darcey Bell Length: 304 Pages Genre: Thriller Why I couldn’t put it down: Bell creates such an unsettling atmosphere, you want to keep reading until your biggest question is answered, “Where is Emily?” None of the characters are as they seem in this twisting and turning novel of domestic affairs. Ill Will Author: Dan Chaon Length: 496 Pages Genre: Mystery/Thriller Why I couldn’t put it down: This novel…

A Review of Dark Places by Gillian Flynn
Book Recommendations , Books , Uncategorized / February 27, 2019

Normally I do not do book reviews, as it falls a bit outside of my realm of mental health awareness. However, I think that I may start doing a “Wednesday Book of the Week”, because reading is so important to me. Books have changed my life, and they are one of the objects I rely on the most when I am anxious or depressed. The most recent book I finished absolutely blew me away. I have made a list of my favorite books before, which you can read here. Gillian Flynn made it on that list twice. Well, she now gets an entire post. What I Expected Reading Dark Places If I have learned one thing from reading Flynn in the past, it is that she enjoys suspense as well as topics that are on the darker side. I have not once been able to guess the ending of a novel. Gone Girl literally changed my life and left me with my mouth hanging open. Sharp Objects disturbed me as well as confused me down to the last page. Therefore, when I came into Dark Places I expected the same treatment. Disturbing topics are just a part of life for…

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