How My Husband and I Met

January 3, 2019

Through all of my posts about myself and anxiety, there is one topic that I have not covered much: my husband and I. If you have read my post that I have made about my husband, and how he helps me to rationalize (which you can read here), you would know that my husband is literally my world. I would not be the person I was without him. So for today, I thought that it would be fun to tell the story of how we met.

The Beginning

My husband and I were both home schooled, but we went to the same co-op (non-homeschooled people look it up). I was a grade above Spencer, even though we are the same age, and we had known of each others existence since we were in 5th and 6th grade, or ten years old. However, plot twist: I did not like Spencer. He was quiet, he always had his ear buds in, and was constantly kicking a soccer ball. He hung out with no one but two friends, one of whom the rest of us thought was his girlfriend. Frankly, I thought he was a jerk.

From Spencer’s side of things, he was actually just incredibly shy, and there were deeper issues in the friends group. He knew who I was, but there was never an opportunity for us to meet each other, because he was shy and I was constantly in a large gaggle of girls. At this point he was in a very dark place in his life, and although I will not go into detail, I will say that I am so grateful for the things that he learned in that time. Even though it was part of the reason that we did not know each other for middle school, it has equipped him to be gracious and gentle and kind in my struggles now.

We continued on, being in the same building all day once a week, for all of middle school and my first year of high school. Until, the fateful day when his older brother and my older sister were cast as family members in the musical theatre group we had at our co-op. Both attractive, lovely people, who also had not really known each other. It was the perfect storm. By two months into rehearsals, Spencer’s older brother had asked my sister to prom. And so it began.

The Meeting/The Friendship

So. At this point in life, I think Spencer is hot as all get out. My husband as always been extremely fit. I mean, look at that picture ^. Therefore, my freshly 15 year old self was a bit excited that literally the only guy I did not know, who also happened to be the hottest guy in our co-op, was about to be close to my family.

Problem time. Spencer still appeared to want nothing to do with me. Our siblings were dating at this point. They sat at tables in the cafeteria and giggled together, and Spencer and I would join them on the periods we did not have classes. But whenever I would come out of class and see Spencer at the table, it seemed that whenever I approached the table, he suddenly had something better to do. Spencer denies this to this day.

The first day of change came at prom. We had to be together, our siblings were going together, it was Spencer and I’s first prom, and we were sitting at the same table. Pictures were awkward.

Dinner was fun, I ate green beans with my hands right in front of him. But the real kicker came when our friends forced us to slow dance together. We are the only people we have danced with romantically in our whole lives. As we were dancing ten feet apart, laughing at our dumb siblings, I looked up into his eyes. I don’t want to say love at first sight, but honestly, from that moment, he was it for me.

We were stuck together all summer. Graduation parties, summer parties, pool parties, our siblings hanging out and us “supervising”, we were inseparable. We texted constantly, had way too many late nights, and life was wonderful.

The Asking

Finally, after months of assuming, on July 24th, 2013, my beautiful husband and I went to a City Islanders game (a local soccer team), and did not watch a minute of the game. We walked around the stadium (me in a new outfit I bought specifically for the occasion). After a while, we sat down on a picnic table and talked about who we liked. Several torturous, sweaty minutes later, the not so secret was out: we were into each other. We walked, with wobbly legs and sweating palms under the stars across a bridge into the city. Yes it was really that romantic. That was the beginning of the best part of my life.

Exciting Important Events

Spencer and I had our first kiss (his first ever, my second, the first being a 3 second peck in 8th grade) in October, after eating spaghetti on his childhood play set.

I heard Spencer sing for the first time December 7th, 2013 (which was a big deal and my husband is one of the most musical people I know).

Spencer came to me about his problems one day when we were at our co-op. He thought that surely I would break up with him and not want to deal with his mental mess. He was wrong. I cried over his pain, and resolved to stick by him. Boy was that worth it.

There are a ton of stories and experiences that we have had over the almost 6 years we have been together, and I surely cannot fit them all in this post. So I guess that this will have to be continued….

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