A Review of Dark Places by Gillian Flynn
Book Recommendations , Books , Uncategorized / February 27, 2019

Normally I do not do book reviews, as it falls a bit outside of my realm of mental health awareness. However, I think that I may start doing a “Wednesday Book of the Week”, because reading is so important to me. Books have changed my life, and they are one of the objects I rely on the most when I am anxious or depressed. The most recent book I finished absolutely blew me away. I have made a list of my favorite books before, which you can read here. Gillian Flynn made it on that list twice. Well, she now gets an entire post. What I Expected Reading Dark Places If I have learned one thing from reading Flynn in the past, it is that she enjoys suspense as well as topics that are on the darker side. I have not once been able to guess the ending of a novel. Gone Girl literally changed my life and left me with my mouth hanging open. Sharp Objects disturbed me as well as confused me down to the last page. Therefore, when I came into Dark Places I expected the same treatment. Disturbing topics are just a part of life for…

Where I Got My Name
Anxiety , Books , Uncategorized / January 5, 2019

I have received many questions since I started my blog as to where my name came from. It seems so disconnected from my goal. “The Honest Reader”: what does that have to do with mental health? So I thought I would do a fun post that would explain my name and let you know a bit more about me. I call myself The Honest Reader because I am obsessed with reading and writing. I started writing short stories in elementary school, and was always an avid reader. I was home schooled, which meant that every few years I needed to undergo state testing in order to prove that my parents were teaching me necessary skills. We were tested in reading comprehension, spelling, math, and writing. In 5th grade, my spelling and reading comprehension was scored on a college level scale. I have read hundreds of books in my life (another fun part about home schooling, you have to track all of the books that you read in a school year to make sure that you are getting enough materials. I read over 1500 books between 1st and 12th grade). It is a passion that has never gone away. There are…

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