A Review of Dark Places by Gillian Flynn
Book Recommendations , Books , Uncategorized / February 27, 2019

Normally I do not do book reviews, as it falls a bit outside of my realm of mental health awareness. However, I think that I may start doing a “Wednesday Book of the Week”, because reading is so important to me. Books have changed my life, and they are one of the objects I rely on the most when I am anxious or depressed. The most recent book I finished absolutely blew me away. I have made a list of my favorite books before, which you can read here. Gillian Flynn made it on that list twice. Well, she now gets an entire post. What I Expected Reading Dark Places If I have learned one thing from reading Flynn in the past, it is that she enjoys suspense as well as topics that are on the darker side. I have not once been able to guess the ending of a novel. Gone Girl literally changed my life and left me with my mouth hanging open. Sharp Objects disturbed me as well as confused me down to the last page. Therefore, when I came into Dark Places I expected the same treatment. Disturbing topics are just a part of life for…

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