I Never Wanted A Baby….Until I Did
Uncategorized / November 28, 2018

One thing that has always been true about me for everyone that knows me: I do not want children. When I was in early middle school, I had one motto: “I will adopt, why put more children in the world when there are so many without families?” In this period of my life our family were fostering several different children, and I absolutely fell in love with the thought of giving a child a home, when they had never experienced it before. (Disclaimer: this has not changed. I am still obsessed with adoption). I never understood the phenomenon “baby fever”. However, once I moved out of the innocence of being 10-13 years old, my stance changed. I did NOT want children. Pregnancy was gross. You have to have sex. Ew. *Disclaimer, raised (and still am) a Christian, did not have my first official kiss (besides one that lasted .5 seconds) until I was almost 16, and it was with my husband. Sexual thoughts were not on the radar until much, much later. I am weird. It is fine. Something has to grow INSIDE you. As it is growing inside you, it also moves and makes you fat and sick. Sounds…

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