Where Have I Been?

August 24, 2019

The past month or more I have been horrifically absent from my blog, bad taste I know. This post is just a little (okay big) life update on why I have been missing and talking about some exciting things to come!!


The first thing I would say is that my anxiety has gotten so much better. At the beginning of June I finally found a practicing plan that works for me. From June until now, my area of comfortability in driving has gone up from 4 minutes to 8 or 9, which may seem small but is the fastest and most miraculous progress I have made in the past two years.

Every morning I get up at 7 am, eat a quick breakfast, and then hit the road to practice driving. I have been really consistent and have been seeing great progress by sticking to my plan, and I am really thrilled for it. This also means that my husband and I do much more together at night, so I have had a bit less time to write.


Another big update is that I have officially gained ten pounds! If you haven’t seen my post about my body, you would know that because of my emetophobia and anxiety I lost about 16 pounds rather quickly. When I got married I weighed 110 pounds, which was way too small for my 5’7″ frame. I have finally gotten my appetite back to where I enjoy food again!

In the past couple of months I have reincorporated ice cream, barbeque, some fruits, and a lot of other different snack foods, and I actually get hungry again! How wonderful of a feeling that is! I was officially considered a healthy weight by the NAS a few weeks ago, and have only continued to put on weight from there.


Another big thing that has been happening from the end of June until now is I got another job! A job where I was required to constantly be on the phone for several hours a day working with angry people. I tried a similar job back in February and failed miserably because of anxiety. Not this time! It has been so much fun and so fulfilling to work a normal 40-45 hour work week, I have not done that since December 2017.


One of the biggest updates is that we are in the process of buying a house! Because of our hard work saving over the past year, and because I now have a job, we are able to officially afford a house.

We had a house that we really liked, and went the entire way through the process of inspections and having a contract, only for the sale of the house to fall through. We were supposed to close and move in August 29th, so finding out that we were not moving was really difficult for me, because I wanted to be in my own house by the end of the summer.

However! We have found another house that is absolutely dreamy that we put an offer in on! We should hear whether or not our offer was accepted in a few days. The best way to get updates on the house buying process is to follow my Instagram!

Life has been really crazy recently, but I do really miss writing. I have a lot of blog post ideas coming up for book reviews and lists, mental health talks, and hopefully a HOUSE TOUR! I will also be becoming more active on Instagram as I get back into the swing of things, so be sure to follow me on my other social media pages as well!

I have missed you all so much, and I cannot wait to get back to writing!

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